Is VPS Really The New Trends In Hosting Industry?

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Like the majority of information technology sector, the Web Hosting market has also been evolving over the past decade. With multiple new technologies flooding the market, web hosting has become a full-fledged industry of its own. There has been an introduction of enhanced transmission systems, better supportive networks and improved distribution methodologies. Moreover, there has been an increasing trend towards customer targeting which includes developing firm specific technology for certain businesses depending on its size and functionality. As information on WordPress on iPage hosting explains, what this means is that companies can employ and choose from a range of web hosting methods that better adapt to their business needs as well as fall in their appropriated budgeted cost category.

Initially for a small firm, it might be hard to invest in a web hosting system such as ‘Cloud’ because of lack of funds or capital constraints. Investing in such an advanced premium quality system will not only be infeasible but also irrational for a small scale business.  Therefore, there are a number of other options available for SME firms to accommodate for their needs and suit their business requirements. One such extremely popular and very recent development in the web hosting sector is the VPS Hosting System. In functioning, it is more or less like the Cloud system but a less extensive version specifically designed for smaller firms.

Before we move on to discussing why VPS is the hottest trend of 2013, let’s get familiar with the VPS system.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS web hosting allows website management, data transmission, information sharing, domain administration and other standardized hosting features through a dedicated server. Though, it administers multiple websites through a single computer, it functions in a way that each link is equivalently managed as a single physical computer. In this way, it ensures that your system enjoys the perk of operating almost on an exclusive server while you pay dramatically reduced costs- almost as low as that of shared hosting. It is important to notice that VPS hosting system is somewhat an intermediate ground between the conventional shared server system and the more sophisticated multiple servers system.

4 Reasons Why VPS Hosting is The New Trend in Hosting Industry

Higher Performance

VPS provides optimal management service at all the time by ensuring that your line is up all time. VPS performance can be explained by taking the example of an office space. For instance, if 10 people were to share the same work shelf, their productivity will be adversely affected. Whereas, if 10 separate work cabins are allocated to all the workers and they only have to share one common working area where the final work has to be assimilated and put together, there efficiency will increase. Same is the case with VPS hosting when compared to the conventional single server hosting system.

More Flexibility

VPS System provides better flexibility and more control over the data configuration of your server. With the shared server, such freedom to operate on unlimited data is not available because a single server is shared by a number of websites. Hence, any website that lies within your IP network will directly or indirectly affect data transmission for your website which means that your site will have a higher probability of facing lags and going offline. VPS hosting guarantees that any such thing does not happen and your website is exclusively managed on a separate line.

Lower Down Service Time

With shared servers, page loading and hardware issues affecting the overall performance of your website are a common sight. Again, the major reason behind which is the shared server which negatively affects the data transmission speed as well as adversely effects your website management if any other website on the similar IP is facing increased traffic. But with VPS, this problem is managed effectively as websites are controlled in a separate virtual space. Hence, VPS guarantees a lower, almost close to zero, service downtime.

Economical Cost

VPS system is a well-organized and a more powerful system than the traditional hosting server. It provides premium quality hosting services and ensures almost flawless functionality for your website. Considering all the costs and benefits of the program, it is definitely a worthwhile investment for any type of business especially a smaller one.

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