Top 10 Joomla Hosting Companies

What is Joomla Hosting?

In order to keep up with the competition and demand, many hosting companies out there are offering hosting plans specifically for Joomla, one of the most popular open-source, content management system. Hosting plans can be dirt cheap or expensive. It entirely depends upon your requirements; the hosting fee can be as low as $ 3.99 or over $ 50 per month. Only choose more expensive package if you need more storage and features. The company may require you to pay a set up fee for the service. This is usually a one-time cost and is about $20, however, you can find some companies that don’t require set up fees. Visit to find a list of recommended Joomla hosting based on user reviews and in this site, you may also make a side-by-side comparison.

Obviously, you need to make a priority list before choosing a hosting plan. Do you plan to have more than one domain? Do you need a large disk space? How much bandwidth will need in a month? Are you interested in getting high quality, free Joomla templates? There are only a few critical questions that you need to answer before choosing a good web hosting. Find the cheapest plan that can meet all your requirements.

No matter whether consumers choose a hosting provider they found over the web or a local one, either one may often be as reliable as the other one. Many hosting companies support Joomla and offer money back guarantee. If you’re new to the hosting industry, this is all can be confusing. However, a good provider would be happy to help you with your problems. Before having a live conversation with the customer service representative, it is advisable to read the FAQ and compare the plans. This will save time and will help you to quickly determine whether the provider is the right company.

Joomla is can be installed quickly and easily. You don’t need an advanced knowledge in programming and website configuration. Joomla is an absolutely free content management system and there thousands of free templates available. So even with zero knowledge in web design, you can quickly create a professional-looking site with a high quality template. Joomla is relatively easy to use and you can find many forums to guide you. Because Joomla is supported by a large community, any security issues are usually fixed quickly and effectively. However, Joomla requires the use of certain plugins to work properly and there is a learning curve you need to conquer.

Just like other CMSs, Joomla also requires a database to store contents and other site assets, such as images and videos. Because the webpage is generated by the server, you don’t need to use Dreamweaver or other webpage editors. However, you can still make limited changes on the body of Joomla pages using an editor. Consequently, you need to choose a plan that offer adequate, reliable database.

Joomla is a versatile platform, other than typical blog-based site, Joomla can also quickly be used to create sites that otherwise require extensive development skill, for example, with Joomla, you can quickly and easily establish a site that requires membership to use. Many extensions or add-ons are also available to help you create E-commerce, video portal and business directory sites.
Many Joomla hosting companies offer downloadable templates and he availability of these “extras” should be included in your consideration. For new web owners, free templates can save you money and time in the long run. Some Joomla hosting plans also include service packs that can help you to build a robust and fully-featured Joomla-based site in a relatively short period of time.

Tips to Choose Joomla Hosting

As a strong content management system, Joomla allows its customers to make and handle their own websites and contents. Joomla has a very flexible framework which allows users to use the software for any kind of website, be it a blog, or a heavy site containing multiple audios and videos.  If your website is Joomla based, you need to keep in mind various things before choosing a web host.

Compatibility: The first step needed when choosing a web host is to ensure its compatibility with the Joomla software. The smartest choice would be a host which offers the complete & latest version of Joomla.

Fantastico: Users need to keep in mind how important features like Fantistico are. Fantastico is a script which ensures smooth installation of Joomla CMS software. The installation time is very low and the process is extremely easy.

Database Support: To function properly, Joomla needs a database. Since it is database powered software, the best choice will be a web host which has more than one database.

Cost: While it is difficult to choose from the many hosts available, the wisest move is to pick the one which offers the best packages for the worth of money you pay.

Uptime: Before finalizing the purchase, be 100 percent sure of the network uptime that is offered. If it is below 95 percent, look elsewhere. To ensure flawless running of a website, you need to have atleast 99 percent uptime. Also the speed of the network is vital. Anything ranging from 10 to a 100 mbps is good enough.

Hosting Features and Domains: Many web hosting companies allow users to host countless websites on the same account. This means that a number of websites can be developed without paying any extra cash. Some web hosts also offer multiple domain names for different websites. For Joomla users, it is vital to have multiple domains to fully make use of its software and applications.

Joomla Support: The most important thing to keep in mind before agreeing to a web host is the assistance the company provides you with. Since Joomla is not company owned, there is no official service to provide help to users. Community forums help in this regard. Many experts and professionals also can be contacted with the help of the website forums for any kind of technical assistance.

Joomla Installation: While this will not be challenging for many, some may find installing Joomla on websites to be very tricky. For people not familiar with technical terms such as FTP and MySQL, it gets hard to launch the software on to the website. To avoid this glitch, many companies offer simple Joomla installation with a single click. It becomes easy to use and saves time as well.

Terms and Conditions: Before signing the deal, make sure you have read and are well aware of all the terms and conditions the company offers. This avoids any conflicts from arising later on. Some hosting companies also provide a money return guarantee to the customer till a specified period of time.

Why Can Joomla Hosting Help Build Powerful Online Applications

Joomla is a program that consists of a content management system, or CMS, that helps users create powerful online applications and web sites. It has grown in popularity, even winning awards for its features that area easy to use and for its open source availability. Under the general public license, anyone can take advantage of its potential for online success.

Developers can build powerful applications for the Internet with its numerous features. One of these is the ease of user management, which consists of nine user groups that can be set with various levels of permission. This can alter how users get access into application built, edit, control and publish content. The program also includes a wide variety of protocols that make it simple for users to register easier. They can sign up using an existing email account or similar option, making the whole process shorter.

Application content can be managed easily, especially with the included WYSIWYG editor, which is usable by any level of user. You can create combinations of text and graphics that are eye catching and then use one of the many modules to get content the attention it deserves. It can show the latest articles, similar content and the ones that draw the most hits. Content can also be organized in multiple ways, allowing users to send articles to others, save one as a PDG or to rate various content. Perfect your Intel Xeon server performance using powerful network products.

Applications can be created for efficient navigation using the menu manager, which can be created without limits. They can be structured so that one menu can be placed in multiple spots, using various tools such as a rollover, dropdown menus or similar navigation features. The system also adds breadcrumbs instantly to make it simpler for a user to scan through the application or site. Joomla also can support multiple languages, making easier for you to reach those of any country with an application in their native tongue.

The true power of Joomla is in its extensions, which allows developers to create various application formats. For example, you can take advantage of the many forms extensions that are available. These are wonderful for business, organization and government applications that require users to complete an online form. One of these is Smart Former, which allows you to create forms that have multiple pages. It allows front end users to edit forms after they have been filled in, give permission to edit forms and to embed PHP script into a form.

Joomla gives developers the opportunity to create strong calendar applications. This can be done with one of the many extensions, such as JEvents. Developers can create various types of calenders using the modules, such as a legend of events, quick overview and most current events. They can also divide various events into different categories, personalize calendars and edit the layout to get the best appearance.

One of the most powerful applications that can be created are social networking applications, which can be used in conjunction with popular sites like Facebook and YouTube. Developers can also add social bookmarking buttons on various content and create a button for “liking” certain content as well. This helps to increase visitors to a site and market content on the web effectively.

Joomla extensions also add power through displays of current news, sports, various game formats, mobile applications and other popular areas. This makes it the perfect program to meet a variety of online needs, whether it is to check the weather or deal with images online. Developers can create a full array of applications that make the user experience more enjoyable and efficient.