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A web page is viewed by many and thus should be neatly presented. The general appearance of the page is very vital as it is the appealing force.

Just like your personal outlook the web page layout should be comfortable to the eye. The data should be presented in an organized manner with an aim of catching the readers’ attention and sustaining their interest.

The web page presentation sends out different messages to the reader. For instance, the page may appear informative, educative, thrilling, scary, boring among others. The page in itself sends out a message before one actually reads it.

The message sent out by the web page can be interpreted differently by various people. The web layout is well presented will grab the readers attention and this will be a plus for the designer. At a primary level the layout should send out a clear message to the readers.

The format of a hand written document is inferior to that of a typed document.

Layouts displayed on screen or paper.

The paper layout is simple to come up with and the reader can easily tell the designers intention. On the other hand, the screen layout is inconsistent as it can move up and down the screen in compliance with the users computer. The screen layout also controls the users freedom of typing as it has limited styles.

Data ranking

The data in a book is presented in a consistent kind of way. However, a book used for reference is not consistent as one can move among different pages as depending on the index. The index contains information on different sections and sub sections. For newspapers the information is disintegrated into smaller captions and one can select to read what interests them. One can read a magazine or newspaper in no particular order. This is referred to as random access. The images and pictures used in the newspapers and magazines as preamble to the main text located just below play a big role in catching the reader’s attention. Other factors such as color, size among others are also essential to sustain the readers’ interest.

Importance of type size

Big is given much more importance than small. In the situations where the size to be much enlarged then a smaller size can be selected. This is more common on big newspapers and journals and scarcely on web pages.

Importance of type weight

The fonts that are available on the reader’s web page highly restrict the body content weight differences. It is unlikely to find web fonts that have two weights namely the regular and the bold weight. However, the Arial is an exception as it has both fonts. The GIFs or Flash views have entrenched fonts on their exterior.

It is worth noting that very thin weights can disintegrate at the low paced web page resolution.

Importance of tone or color

The lower the tone of the color, the lower the contrast. Warmer colors speak out louder than the cooler colors.

Importance of type position

One does not have to conform to the traditional approach of top to the bottom style of reading.

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