Mastering the Art of Punctuationality

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Punctuation has the main function of ensuring that the sentences are well clarified. Its function sounds easy but it may be a bit complex to many. Punctuation is guided by certain rules which may appear rather complex to many. The rules of punctuations have got quite a number of exemptions which may make one get very confused. The whole idea behind punctuation is making reading and writing very easy and simplified. Documents that are done without any punctuation will definitely have no meaning as basic rules such as spacing may be avoided and thus the reader can hardly denote the content and meaning of the sentence.

The Latin language was popularly used in the ancient times and it had a lot of exceptions similar to punctuations. Latin in its written form did away with small letters and words which may seem interesting as one is no longer keen on ensuring the commas are correctly placed. Ancient Latin also forewent the use of spaces and commas in the sentences. Reading became a daunting task for many who were subjected spending a lot of time trying to decode the true intended meaning.

Note that the final sentence did not have any spaces and seemed very cumbersome and clumsy. One could hardly make head or tail of the whole sentence.

The modern rules on grammar recognize punctuations and spaces and thus making it very easy for the reader to decode the sentence.

Punctuation is therefore very powerful and has made life very easy and simple for the readers.

Punctuation is a pre requisite that must be adhered to. The main guideline is to ensure that you have the rules of punctuation in your finger tips. Punctuation has certain exceptions making the whole concept interesting and peculiar. The exceptions should not be discouraging but rather they should be well embraced and appreciated.

Punctuation is rather comprehensive and may require a lot of time and detail to go through the entire rules. However, below are few examples of the rules of punctuations.

The Ellipsis

The ellipses usually are used to show a pause or a deep desire. These pauses are very expressional and bring out the emotions.

“We… love you very much, John.”
“But Mary… we… can not be…”
“If only …”

Ellipses are heavily burdened to bring out the intended feeling as words are used sparingly.

Punctuation encompasses numerous rules and regulations all with an aim of making life easier for both the reader and the writer. Punctuations provide the rhythm and rhyme in a piece of writing making it very interesting and appealing for the reader. However, many people have not yet mastered the rules of punctuations and the exemptions alike. It is a worthwhile venture for one to take time to learn and implement all the punctuation rules as required.

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