Mistakes with SEO That will Hurt Your Page Rank

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To increase marketer’s traffic towards their websites, they use a common tool known as Search Engine Optimization or called otherwise SEO. They are interested to increase their page rank because it is in direct correlation with how many people see their websites. Many mistakes are committed by both writers when dealing with SEO, which leads to decreasing the page rank instead of increasing it.

Duplicate content

Content that is found on more than one website is problematic because it makes the search engines to index all on one result page. All search engines will index the articles that appear for a first. If this exact same article has been used by another site, this will most certainly result in decreasing this page’s. It is a must to use only original work, to make the SEO technique to work smoothly and that way to increase the page rank.

Bad keywords

You must choose the proper keywords to make the SEO effective. Using too many keywords will not allow you to achieve the effect you want and this may result in epic failure for your strategy. Page rank will fall if you happen to use too many correlated keywords, which is why you should restrain yourself from using too much keywords.

Bad titles

The titles are more important when compared to the content on your. Use the keywords in your title otherwise the page rank will suffer. Pay great attention when picking a title, you need to use subtitles and may be paragraphs or even images.

Few updates

You must update your website otherwise your page rank is doomed to suffer. You must publish new post and new content to make your website highly ranked.

Ignoring images

If you want to attract the viewer’s attention then consider the possibility of having images. It will give different look for your website. Images are helpful to increase the page’s rank, like the article writing. You will be beaten by the competition, if you do not use images. Do not hesitate to use the images along with keyword titles and etc.

Resorting to Black Hat practices

You must keep in mind that some SEO practices are restricted, such as buying links or using hidden text, they are blacklisted by many search engines, including Google. They are named Black Hat and will decrease the page rank or in some other cases your website might be removed from the results listed by the search engine.

Non-related links

Using backlinks will help you to gain page rank when results are listed on the search engine, but only the good quality links will be effective. Links, which lead to a content, which is not relevant will hurt your page rank. If you do not have links between the pages, your rank will be reduced.

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