Protect your Web Hosting Package from Hackers

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Hackers are becoming more intelligent every day, and one of their new ventures is to attack web hosting suppliers as there are monumental sums of money in the market place. In this guide, we will explore how you can project your company against web hosting hackers.

Remember, your web hosting account is your main frame to all of your information. Not only do you have all of your websites on there, but there will also be all of the details for these websites. If you accept payments for products on any of your websites, then you are also compromising these people’s card details, for which you will be liable.


As you may expect, you need to change your password on a regular basis. Firstly, the password that you choose should not be a password that you use for personal accounts; instead, it should be a made up password from a password generator. The best way to setup your password is to generate it then store it in an encrypted file on your hard drive. This encrypted file should also be password protected; in this instance, you can use a personal password.

When you have all of the above details sorted out you should also store this information on an external USB stick which needs to be encrypted. This allows you to have a backup of your information on another file, just in case the file on your hard drive becomes corrupt.

Never Be Fooled

It may seem like common knowledge to the majority of people, but you still need to make sure you do not send any valuable information to a fraudster. These hackers use phishing scams to get you to tell them your personal details. Make sure you never pass any information on to your web hosting company. Your web hosting company will never ask you for any personal or password information, and why would they; they have all this information on file. The only time they may ask you this information is when you call them, so they can verify who you are. When you receive an email from your web host, you need to check to see what addresses it has been sent from. If your web hosting website is UK2, and the email is being sent from a yahoo address then the email is not from your web host.

These emails will also always claim that your web hosting account will be closed if you do not renew your package within the next couple of days. These are scare tactics to get you to panic and send them your information before you can think twice about where the email has actually come from. If you doubt that your email is from your web host then you can always call them, they will be well aware of what emails they have sent out to you, and will tell you if the email is from their company.

There are hundreds of ways that hackers can compromise your details, but the two methods above are the most common ways hackers will get hold of your details. Remember always remain vigilant, and hackers will stand next to no chance of gaining any information from you.

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