Shared hosting the best hosting solution for beginners

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One of the most important aspects about website development is hosting. Without hosting a website is like a fish without water. There are now different types of hosting services that webmasters can choose from. If you are considering starting a website and thinking that you are a beginner we would recommend that you start with shared hosting.

Let’s find out first a little more about the different types of hosting.

Types of hosting

For your information every website online is hosted on a server. This server is a tangible place where the data of the website is stored and works for 24 hours, seven days a week.  Every website has a different IP address which comes from the server. If you want to access your server it is mandatory that you type in the IP address.

Now that you know what a server is, it is time to differentiate between the two different types of web hosting; dedicated and shared hosting. A dedicated server is where a website has its own individual server. On the other hand a shared host offers websites to be placed in a single server, hence the name shared hosting.

One of the most cost effective solutions when it comes to web hosting is shared hosting. It is widely regarded as the best solution for new webmasters to create their websites on. Shared hosting offers webmasters the chance to enjoy low costs compared to other hosting service types. In its most basic definition, shared website hosting is where numerous websites work on a single web server. Every website has its own partition on the server and will not be linked with others.

Can someone access my website date on shared hosting?

The websites on shared hosting are partitioned into separate ways which will remind you of the files and data on your hard drives that are kept in different folders. Other webmasters cannot access your data on the server and similarly you cannot see theirs. Your data is protected by a password that is known only to you and the customer care of the hosting service.

Why is it suitable for beginners?

There are three main reasons why shared hosting is considered ideal for beginners. These are comprehensively talked about in the proceeding portion of this course of writing.


One of the biggest reasons why it is offered to beginners is the fact that it requires little investment from the webmasters. When you are starting fresh you don’t want to spend much since the risk of losing your money is high. With shared hosting you can enjoy hosting that costs only five to ten dollars and offers you the chance to enjoy the same data storage as a dedicate hosting server. Commonly around 40 GB of data storage is offered on shared hosting which is ample for a new website.

Simplistic and easy

Convenience that comes with shared hosting is another reason why beginners should opt for it. It is not complicated like a dedicated server as you will be supported by the hosting service that has to monitor the websites it has on its server. On a dedicated server you have to handle all your issues yourself. This implies that with shared hosting you can easily concentrate on your website and have complete peace of mind.

The ability to customize it

One benefit that you will love about shared hosting is the fact that you can easily customize your website with the control panel that comes with this type of hosting. Since there are many websites on a single server, hosting services tend to offer every webmaster the ability to manipulate their website with their control panel. This control panel allows you to easily carry out a variety of tasks that would otherwise be very hard to do. For instance you can easily and coherently upload files and see statistics and trends about your website. You can also create specific email accounts easily without much effort.

Shared hosting has some drawbacks as well that may shun you away. But the fact is that you are still in the learning process of creating your own website. Once you know how things work you can switch to dedicated hosting service that allows you plethora of advantages and riddance from these small drawbacks.

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