Should Web Designers Outsource Their Personal Website?

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This may sound ridiculous, but the practice is actually more common than many might think. Outsourcing has been a fascinating phenomenon in the Web design industry. Many agencies hire other agencies to do some part of their projects due to some reasons. In fact, certain Web design agencies are simply marketing firms with in-house team of copywriters and marketers; then they hire agency with the technical resources to take on the actual project.

A closer examination reveals that some freelancers also pick up the practice. They have been seen to bring in outside helps to develop their personal websites.

So what gives? Why experienced Web designers don’t do it themselves? Isn’t a personal branding project, like the creation of a personal website, an important task to put themselves into? It is definitely a good idea to find out the reasoning behind this activity.

Why you should?

Why you should

There are some arguments in allowing others to work on your personal project. In some ways, the drawbacks of doing everything on your own is obvious and it is important to shed some lights into why outsourcing in this industry takes place often,

You are very busy

You are very busy

This aphorism is repeated far too often, but good professionals should tend to their clients’ demands before themselves. If you are too busy with main projects to take the opportunity to work on a personal project then you need to hire someone. There’s no way you can build a personal website if clients are emailing and calling non stop and you are working at full capacity. Web designers shouldn’t hastily throw together their personal website in order to maintain professionalism. Even the most productive professionals don’t want to work hard after a long day at work. For example, the last thing mechanics want to do is to pop up the hood of their cars after working for eight hours straight on others’ cars.

Working at 8 PM every night to design a personal website when you are already too tired may produce results that don’t really represent your actual skill and professionalism. If you can’t take the time to do it yourself, you should hire someone you can trust. Making an investment to improve your reputation is rarely something that should be frowned about, although it might feel out of place to hire others to do things you are good at. However, this is still a good thing to do if the choice is between an awesome product and a half-hearted attempt to do something useful.

These issues play a role in why designers working on their own brand. The result is far too often something hastily thrown together that doesn’t really accurately represent the quality of work that you need to deliver to a paying client.

Often, we need to admit that when it comes to creating a personal website, we act like a bad client. It is easy to harshly criticize our own work, sometimes beyond the point of consideration and healthy honesty. We often end up feeling like everything is not good enough, no matter what we do.

Many designers are addicted to making constant changes on personal website even if it is already fully established. Some may even perform a complete redesign after a few months. This may indicate someone who genuinely enjoys designing websites has too much time on their hands or is driven by a feeling of inadequacy. Outsourcing allows you to avoid repeated self-criticism.

Others can more easily take a step back and take an outsider’s look into who you are and translate it properly into a visual brand. Personal introspection can be tricky and potential clients may even end up seeing you as a person with identity crisis if you don’t do it properly in personal website.

You are not good at branding

You are not good at branding

This could be the strongest and the simplest argument for allowing someone to work on your brand. Web interface design is clearly your area of interest and although Web designers should know a few things about branding, this might not be your specialization. If this is the case, it is quite easy to justify allowing other professionals to handle your personal projects. It is likely that you’ll get better end products, things that you won’t be ashamed of.

Why you shouldn’t?

Why you shouldnt

There are obviously some solid benefits for outsourcing, but you should take a look at these downsides:

You don’t trust other professionals

You don't trust other professionals

This is a serious issue to consider before you hire others. It isn’t easy to get over the prejudice you have to other Web designers, even if you are lousy at creating a personal branding. However, ultimately your potential clients don’t care about who built your personal website. If they consider your online portfolio as something attractive, there’s no reason for them to not hire you.

It’s just not you

It's just not you

Some web designers take this logic to the extreme and they consider it is dishonest to ask other professional to help them establish a personal website. After all, it is a general assumption among visitors that web designers build their own websites. If someone you hire can come up with something more modern, sleeker and cleaner than your own solution, it is easy to feel that you are misleading your potential consumers.

It costs you money

It costs you money

For many people, the most unpleasant consequence for hiring someone is, it costs them real money. However, you should consider about an often ignored factor in the freelancing world: opportunity cost. Every hour you spend on a personal project means you lose one hour of opportunity for working with the client. If performed properly asking others to build your own personal website can still prove to be a very worthwhile investment.

When you are hiring the right guy for your Web design, you are not talking about the amount of money you will spend, but real dollars that will be in your bank account after potential clients visit your well-designed website. Of course, many new designers can’t afford hiring other professionals and this is a legitimate reason for designing your own personal website.

It may be difficult to reach a satisfactory conclusion about this topic, but Web designers consider personal branding as an essential factor in their career. Overall, there are obviously some real benefits to choosing the outsourcing route and each case should be examined more closely than relying only to sweeping generalizations.

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