Social and Email: Methods for Synergy

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Social media and email marketing tactics may seem different from each other, however, they are actually more alike that you may realize. The formats are different, but the messages you want to convey are the same. You can use both of these marketing tactics to reach out to your customers and find new customers. But, in order for either of these marketing tactics to succeed, you must be willing to put in both the time and effort needed.


It is true that social media marketing and email marketing can be used individually, however, they work so much better when used together. When using both methods to reach a larger number of consumers you must keep the same central message in both. Have specific goals and vision when determining the central message. Link both email and social media outlets back to each other by posting “Send us an email at” on your Facebook page or add “Like our Facebook page” at the end of your emails.


Post and send communications on a timely schedule. By communicating regularly, your company’s message will be fresh on the minds of consumers. For your email marketing campaign, try to send them out approximately once a week, or when you have a special promotion you have to announce.

Avoid Overload

Overloading someone’s inbox can cause more damage than good when marketing through email messages. Manage your emails efficiently; you want to communicate regularly but only sendi out the important messages. Same thing goes for social media marketing. Fans do not want to see 100 posts in an hour about the same thing. Focus on what’s important and what your customers want to see. Then limit the numbers of posts you make in a certain period of time.

Gather Leads

Set up your website to gather leads for your company by making a subscription link for consumers to input their email addresses. This will help you create a list of those who are already interested in finding out more about your services. You can also do this via social media marketing by requesting others to “like” or “follow” your posts.


Make your emails and social network posts relevant to your business. Spark the curiosity in your followers and email recipients by using content that is full of information that is important to them, without giving all of the information away. Write content that will force your customers to engage and interact with you through comments, email replies and questions.

Be Courteous

Respond to each and every comment, questions, “like” and email in a timely manner. Let consumers know you are not a robot and are indeed human too. Even if there is nothing to say back to your customers a simple, “Thank you for your feedback” or “We appreciate your business” will suffice.  Both of these replies are great ways to interact with customers.

To successfully market your business online you must increase your presence and visibility. The best ways to do this is through social media marketing and emails. As you have seen in the tips above, both can be used together to increase your visibility and ensure your company’s message is heard.


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