SSL Certificate – Its Importance for an E-Commerce Website

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When it comes to any transaction that involves money, trust and security plays a crucial role. Eventually, the need for an effective security system increases as the scope of e-commerce web sites rise. So, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates are incorporated in every online business websites in order to meet the demands of e-commerce sites security.

When you leave your house, you make sure that you lock your doors and windows hoping that those bolts would protect it from thieves, robbers or unwanted visitors. That same scenario happens when you use an SSL certificate in your e-commerce website. It is like bolting your doors and windows close as protection. An SSL certificate locks in the data or content of your website protecting it from thieves or phishing attacks like fraudulent attempts to steal personal information commonly made through email.

The transaction between the server and the browser is secured via the SSL certificate. The third party involved in identifying both ends of the transaction that issues the SSL certificate is called Certificate Authority (CA). A displayed SSL certificate in the address bar of a website would calm and assure the website visitors that they have at last reached a website where their requirements would be readily and securely met. Their confidence in that website would steadily increase because of the web security it offers.

Online consumers have become savvy in their security concerns, that is why before they enter into any online transaction like sharing their most secret and confidential information with anyone, they verify the identity of the website. They want to be sure that the site they are entering is safe. Consequently, when visitors see a padlock sign in the address bar and other security symbols displaying the SSL certificate, certificate authority and period of validation, they would think they have gotten into a trusted website and would willingly divulge their valued personal information such as credit card details or personal IDs. They would be calm and confident in initiating any transaction with you. The SSL certificate would establish trust between the two parties: client and contractor.

The benefits juiced out from an SSL certificate are undeniable and irrefutable. To say that there are not enough words to detail its importance is understatement, for an SSL certifcate can effortlessly take online business to heights like in Nutshell – the less you pay, the more you earn. VeriSign, Geo Trust, Thwate, Comodo, etc are just among the many SSL certificates that populate the market. If you want to have the most trusted certificate in the online security industry, choose VeriSign. But it does not mean that the others are lacking in security. They also offer the same security features as that of VeriSign at very affordable rates. They are schemed to meet with the necessities of the small and medium sized business requirements.

Again, it is imperative for every e-commerce website to fall under the category of an SSL certificate as it would guarantee all consumers unquestionable security in their online shopping.

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