Supercharging Your Sites With SEO Hosting

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Sites that don’t stand out on the Internet will die like the shortest flower in the forest – Google’s search algorithm makes sure that only the most valuable websites get the exposure they need to develop. It’s essential you push your head above the rest so the world can properly see your site and what it has to offer. Valuable content can draw readers to your site, and a user-friendly browsing experience is also essential – but all that is not always enough. Optimizing data on your site and SEO-friendly hosting are both things you need to supercharge your sites and make them glow with electric brightness so no one searching your keywords could possibly miss them. On-site edits are done by professional editors, SEO and content specialists, while SEO hosting providers take care of your site’s hosting needs. Companies providing SEO hosting use quite a lot of advanced techniques such as multiple C-Class IP’s, multiple domain names and DNS, and other methods that are specifically designed to put your sites on the grid without any extra work from you.

Web hosting - Courtesy of Shutterstock

Web hosting - Courtesy of Shutterstock

What Is SEO Hosting?

Some hosts do nothing but plug in your site to the Internet. This is like a scuba instructor that hands you a tank they bought at the mall and tells you to have fun. Without the right equipment and the right promotion, your site will most probably be ignored, no matter how good the content you offer. Having a host that actively uses SEO techniques will help ensure that your site doesn’t drown in obscurity in the sea of the Web.

SEO Hosting Specific Advantage-Multiple IP’s

Search sites like Google automatically favor sites that have many links. If you get SEO hosting, you can set up links between your sites with different C class IP addresses to create your own network that will put your sites right at the top of search results.

What Are “Class C” Addresses?

An IP address has 4 sets of numbers. Each set is assigned a letter in this format- A.B.C.D.  So two examples would be:

The “67” is the A set, the “45” is the B set, and so on. Large data centers often have the same C set of addresses, such as in the two above examples. A lot of search engines are aware of this phenomenon, so they will discount links between them. But with an SEO hosting site, you get multiple different C class IP addresses for your site, so you will have a key advantage over other sites that can’t come complete with their own incoming links network.

Root Access

The more direct address you have to your site, the more you’ll be able to do with it. After all, if you know what you’re doing with your site, you don’t want your hosting service to have safety locks on everything like many simple hosting services do. If you see that an SEO service allows you root access, you’ll know that they are serious. Another feature to look for if you want serious SEO hosting is the cPanel with WHM feature.


The “have fun” of type web hosting services may claim to have good support, but they will rarely actually do more than give you a single sentence response to your questions in emails. That should never happen with a reputable SEO hosting agency, although it’s important to do some research first to find the best provider.

Start Out in the Lead with SEO Hosting

A lot of “ink” has been spilled online regarding how to get incoming links to improve your SEO ranking. But the idea is that you don’t need to spend months doing link exchanges, guest blogs, or any of the other hundred “tricks” that people try to use. You can just go with SEO hosting and get all of that right from the start, putting you way ahead of the crowd.

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