The Advantages and Disadvantages of Linux hosting for Businesses

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Businesses have one question to ask themselves when it comes to choosing their web host, and this is Windows or Linux. In this guide, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of choosing Linux for your businesses web hosting needs.
Without a doubt, Linux is more than capable of providing a powerful operating system for even the biggest of businesses, but there are and always will be a few places where Microsoft is still more desired because of its gargantuan market presence.




If you understand just a bit about Web Hosting, then you will know that Linux is much cheaper than Windows for both start-up and recurring monthly costs. If you do not have much money to put into your hosting package, then Linux may be your only option.


While the chances of minor bugs in both systems are minimal, a developer will charge a lot less to remove a bug from your Linux system because it is much easier, therefore, a lot more time efficient to remove bugs from a Linux system.

Less Downtime

Linux has proven results in minimal downtime. It is not uncommon for a Linux system to run without any errors or bugs for a whole year. With Windows, server restarts are required much more often, and that means your website will be inactive for a longer period of time.

Better Security

If you make no alterations to both Windows and Linux start up packages then Linux comes with much better security features.



Thinking of an Exchange Server?

While Linux is making headway in the exchange server market, Microsoft is and always will be the original exchange server. This has made Windows much more desirable for clients that require an exchange server. There are hosting accounts that give you access to Microsoft exchange, which is a £750 piece of software. Without a doubt, Linux is much harder to use than Windows; therefore, this makes windows more desirable. Along the same lines, SharePoint is another piece of software that can only be used on a Windows host.

There is a way around this, you can install VMware so that Microsoft operates correctly, or you can find alternative pieces of software to SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange. However, even with these solutions most people just buy windows hosting.

What Was That?

While the Windows system is much more known to everyday users, Linux is not. This means that to a regular user the Linux interface may appear rather intimidating. On the flip side to this, once you know all of the various bits that you need to know, many find that Linux is much better than Windows because it is much better for fine tuning even the smallest of details.
Before a business decides on if Linux will be advantageous, they need to sit down and make a pros and cons list. Following the points above you will be able to get an understanding on if Linux will be the correct web hosting provider for your business.

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