The Apple iPad with Retina Display That Reaches 128GBs

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An Apple iPad with Retina display with storage space of 128 GB, which is twice the capacity of the models currently on the market, is what Apple has been selling since February 5 with the aim to offer the community of its users a device which offers more space to store music, videos, books and businesses. Therefore we’re talking about a device that is better suited to manage applications and tasks that use large amounts data.

Of course the price scaled along with the ability of the device as usually happens. It starts from 799 € for the Wi Fi model and rises up to € 929 for the model with LTE connections. The new iPad is available in white and black.

The strategy Cupertino has in mind is pretty clear. In an increasingly competitive market such as that of the tablet you must be present with an offer as much possible as articulated.
So last October the iPad mini arrived on the market which was the first model with a different form, a factor to support the traditional one. Then it was followed by the iPad with Retina display which shares most of the bodywork from the point of view of the amenities.

Apple gives a nod to industry specific products ranging from medicine with numerous applications for the management of diagnostic imaging to architecture. Nevertheless, a question certainly arises. A few days ago the title of the company was penalized on the stock market after a quarter that has disappointed analysts all over the world, from which we were shown how critical a certain lack of innovation in corporate strategies is for a company as big as Apple. Therefore the addition of 64 GBs of memory will do more to make a difference? We’ll have to observe to find more regarding this matter.

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