The Basic Plan to eCommerce Sites Hosting and Design

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In ecommerce business, there is the hosting and the designing part of the website. The neater the design of your ecommerce site, the easier it will look in the eyes of potential consumers, and this has an overall effect on your ROI.

This is all you need to know as far as ecommerce site design is concerned


In terms of structure, you need to decide upfront how many pages you’ll have and how they’ll be linked up to each other. Structure also blends well with content when you have graphics and icons in place.


Visitors want to read interesting information on your site. However, content alone is not enough to entice everyone to buy. You need to lure them with incentives and ways to contact you as soon as possible. Once the site is up and running, you should keep the content fresh with new stuff.


Now that structure and content is out of the way, site design comes in. Regardless of whether you hire someone or do it yourself, make sure readability, simplicity, and consistency is a priority.


Easy navigation focuses on making it more pleasurable for your visitors to browse your pages. Good navigation also ensures that visitors can find their way in between pages without getting lost. Inter-link your pages with major areas to ensure visitors are not hitting a dead end.


Finally, when focusing on ecommerce site design, you shouldn’t be too caught up in the bells and whistles of designing a modern ecommerce site. You need to come up with a design that still leaves room for people to trust your business.

The idea is that your site should look professional. It should give them the same confidence they’d develop through a phone call or a face-to-face conversation. Also, you need to remind them that your business doesn’t only exist in the cyberspace since you have a real company name, physical address, email, telephone contact and so on. This information must be displayed in strategic places on your homepage.

Hosting your site on the internet

Now that your site is up and content is underway, you need to find a way of presenting it to your consumers. That’s where website hosting comes in.

There are 2 options to pursue where hosting your site is concerned. You can utilize a computer which you’ll use as a designated server. The computer should be permanently connected to a broadband internet connection. But the problem with this method is that it can prove to be so costly to maintain. Because of this, many ecommerce website owners opt to seek hosting from other reputable companies.

There are literally hundreds of hosting companies that cater to a worldwide audience. You need to weed them out using factors such as features, reliability, and cost. Going for the cheapest hosting package is not necessarily the best option. Cheap hosting might not have all the features needed to run an ecommerce site. Secondly, if they aren’t very reliable, it means your site will go down in some days. Site downtime can make you lose revenue. Finally, the price you pay should be worth it if you’re getting all features needed to run your site flawlessly.

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