The Future of Home Technology

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Futuristic homes are envisioned as homes with appliances and equipments that can sense the presence of the home owners and adjust the settings accordingly. While a few advancements on these lines have been made, they are yet far from being used on a mass scale to make the effect felt. To better understand the future of home technology, one needs to divide the home and the technology required in various sections.

Power usage: probably the most important aspect to look forward to in futuristic home technology is the efficient use of power. Smart homes are envisioned to have such devices that can be switched on and controlled by the phone or over the internet so that when the owner reaches home, he/she gets the desired setting. Smart thermostats are being developed that are networked and are able to sense the daily routine of the home owner. Such devices are meant not only to provide comfort but also check unnecessary usage of power. The home senses the presence of the owner and switches on the lights and heats the water for the bath. The internet connected in the bathroom takes down the weight and other basic body measurements to check for any changes.

Smart kitchens and other appliances: this is another very important area of the home that has a lot of potential to adapt to a futuristic aspect. In the future, one can envision appliances like coffee machines and ovens to automatically start at a pre-destined time and prepare the required meal. Washing machines need to be more futuristic, sensing the types of clothes put taking in only as much water and detergent as required.

Centralized entertainment: the entertainment factor holds much importance as well. Smart televisions that not just display but can be connected, can store programs and display at the same time, are required. The televisions of the future should be able to recognize voice commands and record programs as on demand. They should then be able to transfer these recordings to the tablet so that they are available when required. The futuristic entertainment looks at video streaming rather than the cable system of today. Simple and all-in-one remotes have already been developed but tablet style remotes for smart TVs would become more ubiquitous in the future.

High speed internet: content on the internet in the future is likely to grow. This means that more equipments and devices are going to come under the ambit of the internet. This would be however useful if there is connectivity and network between the equipments and the information can be shared. Presently, WiFi is being used by smartphones to connect and conduct business but the carriers are not able to bear the burden with increased usage. The strength and protection of data on the WiFi needs to be increased in the future.

All these techniques are not totally impossible. They are in different stages of development so that the per-home installation costs can be brought down.

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