The History of Website Hosting

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Almost everybody in the western world has used the Internet. The Internet is without doubt one of the greatest inventions of the past 50 years, but not many people know the history of website hosting. Considering web hosting is required to operate websites, maybe it is time you found out a bit about the history of web hosting.

The initial idea of the Internet came into fruition in the early 60’s, but the first idea of website hosting did not come around until 1991, when all commercial restrictions on the Internet were lifted. People then started to see that website hosting would be the only way forward for all companies and individuals that wanted to gain an Internet presence.

At the start of the web hosting journey, it was only large companies that retailed space that they did not use, and so started web hosting. At the moment, this would probably be known as reseller hosting, but, at the time, it was the only way companies could gain more bandwidth on the Internet. In 1991, renting out hosting space was extremely expensive, and as we all know, nowadays, you can get a considerable amount of bandwidth and disc space for a relatively cheap cost.

Without the birth of web hosting the Internet would not be as we know it today. In fact, if web hosting did not come to the fore front of the Internet then all the Internet would contain today is a series of professors chatting away, as these would be the only people intelligent enough to build, develop and host their own website. Web hosting as we know it today has made the Internet accessible for everybody with a computer and an Internet connection.

In the first couple of years, companies that hosted websites were also required to build them, as everybody else’s knowledge surrounding this market was minimal.

Of course, at the start, website hosting speeds were exceedingly slow, and even the largest corporation in 1991 would peril in comparison to the most simple of packages available on the market today. This natural progression has allowed corporations to boast terrific up-time, alongside great speeds.

Website hosting did not actually come into the public eye until about 1995. In 1995 offered do it yourself package, which included web development, and website hosting. This boosted website hosting into how we understand it today.

From here web hosting has become more and more popular. Now website hosting is offered by thousands of web hosting companies, and you can also get it for free with some companies. With the introduction of different web host suppliers, came the introduction of different packages, such as shared or dedicated hosting, as well as re-seller and VPS hosting, and this has allowed businesses of different sizes to tailor their packages.

Without a doubt, one of the biggest additions to the Internet has been website hosting, and as more and more people log on to the Internet, more and more web hosting companies and different ideas will arise.

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