Three Reasons to Choose RackSpace Web Hosting

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Rack space is rarely listed in the top ten web hosting options, because it isn’t a typical hosting option. You will likely find common categories such as shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. These web hosting options are great and they can satisfy many clients quite well, but not for some of them.

In essence, Rackspace hosting is not just a web hosting, but instead it’s a company that can house and sometimes, maintain a physical web server for you. Rack space is a good solution if you prefer a co-location hosting and you need a high security solution.

After performing a little research, you’ll find that a standard rack space hosting plan isn’t all that expensive, although purchasing a physical server will be quite costly. If your budget allows, owning a server and putting it in rack space hosting can be a better solution, especially for businesses that require and want more controls.

These are three reasons why you should use rack space web hosting:

1. You own a physical server
If you’ve run your own physical server for a while, you’ll quickly realize that rack space hosting is often the best co-location service available. Hosting a server in your home or office might be a cheaper solution, but it may not be the most reliable. A physical server should be housed in a place with steady supply of electricity and adequate cooling system. By housing your server to a rack space company, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your web server is properly managed and protected. Some rack space hosting plans include regular server maintenance and perhaps, basic troubleshooting tasks.

2. You want high security standards
When you’ve rack space hosting, you’re going to get much better security standards that you could ever get from standard web hosting solutions. For example, although most shared hosting plans are safe, they are commonly considered as the riskiest, because clients share a physical server with many other hosting accounts and they have no control over the server itself.
VPS hosting is better as you have a partition, which will give you more security and better resources allocation, but it’s not as good as owning and controlling your own server. A physical server with VPS hosting is still shared by multiple hosting accounts. This still gives hackers a reason to target your account.

3. You are expecting growth
If you are expecting a steady growth and plan to acquire more resources, then choosing rack space is more appropriate. Rack space allows you to house multiple servers, ensuring significant possibility for future expansion. Migrating from shared hosting or even dedicated hosting to your own physical server is a huge step, but you still need to plan for the future. When choosing a rack space hosting, make sure the company has many empty racks available in its data center. Some bigger companies add a few physical servers to its system and if it happens to you one day, you still have enough room to grow.

Choosing a proper rack space hosting can be tricky, but with adequate research, it’s not all that hard to find. Top web hosts also provide rack space hosting alongside standard web hosting solutions, if so, find out whether your current web host also provide rack space hosting. You should read reviews whether a rack space hosting provider can provide great security and manage your servers. It is always a good ideal to directly visit the data center and make sure you’re completely satisfied with the size, security, cooling systems, and environment. A good data center should also be relatively far from sources of natural disasters, such as big rivers, volcanoes and faults.
If possible, visit multiple rack space hosting providers to help you get the best price for co-location hosting. This offers you the leverage of knowing what you’ll get from the rack space hosting facility and you’ll have the complete confidence that your requirements will be properly met.

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