Top 5 Mistakes in Website Content Creation

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Content creation is the key to building a successful website. This fact holds true whether you are promoting goods or services. When you sit down to create your website, you probably have a great number of ideas, but you might not know exactly how to go about this creation process. A website builder can help you build your pages without having to fork out money to a graphic designer, but you still need to have the right content on your page. To give you some ideas, consider the top five mistakes people make when they create content on their websites.

Too Much Information

Potential clients seek out your website to get more information about you, but this does not give you the right to inundate your readers with too many facts. This is a common mistake new businesses make with their websites. You might be so excited to share all your information and to build your website that you lose sight of your target market. Instead, step back and put yourself in your client’s shoes. What information does your client need to know? Does the existing content you have look too busy and hard to read?

Too Few Pages

In an effort to cut down on the amount of pages on their websites, many businesses make the mistake of cramming too much information on a few pages. While fewer pages might seem easier for readers to navigate, it is even worse to have too much content on few pages. You are better off having multiple pages with a conservative amount of content on them because they are easier to read. If your readers get lost in your own website, they will quickly lose interest in you.

Grammatical Errors

You aren’t in school anymore, and your readers won’t give you bad grades, so who cares about grammar?  You may be surprised, but readers do care about grammar and spelling. They can give you an “F” in their minds, which will result in them not doing business with you. The reason is that bad spelling and grammar can be perceived as a lack of attention to detail. If you can’t get your webpages right, potential clients may wonder how much you really care about your own business.

Salesy Blogs

Putting a blog up as part of your website is a great idea because it will increase your search engine rankings. However, if your blog is solely about how great your business is, no one will read it–this certainly won’t help you in the way of increasing web traffic. Instead, focus on topics that are of interest to your target market and link them back to your home page.

Redundancy or Irrelevancy

Your website is important for you as a business owner, but why should your target market care? Does the site’s existence really make an impact in your industry? Use your website as an opportunity to demonstrate that you are relevant in the marketplace—don’t just tell it through sales rhetoric.

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