Top 10 UK Hosting Companies

All About UK Hosting

You can find many affordable, reliable web hosts in the UK. However, first, you should understand, what they’re offering, what are your requirements and how big is your budget? You shouldn’t purchase a hosting plan that contains many unneeded features. The type of hosting plan you should seek in the UK depends entirely on what you seek to achieve as a UK-based website.
Most hosting companies in the UK support PHP and MySQL, so if you’re planning to use a CMS, such as WordPress or Joomla, make sure the web host can fully support it.
For example, if you plan to develop a UK property listing site, make sure the web host handles database well and also offer an easy-to-use administrative tool. Linux and Windows are two popular operating systems for web hosting, so you should be aware that not all scripts can run on both platforms. If you plan to build a standard informative website that involves the use of some static pages, then you may not need a database. For this purpose, seek a UK hosting company that offers a minimal plan, which doesn’t include support for database and script programming. However, if you do need a full-featured hosting plan, the price is between £2 and £10 per year.
These are two types of popular web hosting in UK:
Managed Dedicated Hosting: The hosting company should focus its business entirely on meeting the customers demand and seek a balance between infrastructure, high quality service and value for money. It should be achieved by using proper automation and customer-centric approach. Make sure the hosting company has:
• Fully trained and qualified engineers

• Managed offsite data backup

• High speed fiber connections

Shared hosting: The hosting company should have proven skills and experience in guiding customers through the process of developing and maintaining the website. Make sure the company has:
• Superior customer support

• High quality data centers

• Scalable and technology-driven hosting plan
To find the best web hosting company in the UK, you can find it on the Internet, for example by reading the reviews. These are four popular web hosts in the UK:
UK2.Net: A fast growing hosting company with hosting plans that start from £0.99.

WebFusion: Serving customers since 1997 and a winner of multiple web hosting awards. Only uses high quality hardware from dell.

EasySpace: Founded in 1997, it is one of the first web hosting companies in the United Kingdom. They are Microsoft certified partners.

Network Solutions: Its one of the oldest companies online. NS Hosts more than 300,000 websites. It has nearly 30 years of experience online. Manages more than 7 million domains.
However, in some cases, it would be better to visit the hosting company yourself, especially if you’re planning to develop a large, complex web site for your online business. Web hosting is often an ongoing and long-term relationship, so a UK-based hosting company is a good choice if your company is also based in UK.
Web hosting companies are available in major cities in United Kingdom, for example, in, London; you can find some of them at West End, Clerkenwell Rd. and Croydon.
If your business is seeking to serve buyers and clients within the UK, it’s preferable to choose the domains due to better name availability. On the other hand, Google UK prefers websites that use English and have .uk or domain names. Obviously, using .com domain names to compete in UK is a less than ideal decision.
In some cases, you may get free domain names if you register it through your web hosting company. Although free domains sounds too good to be true, this is very much a reality.

Web Hosting in the UK, What’s the big deal?

Web hosting in another country, other than your home country, can have its benefits. For instance, the consumer can set up a web account in the UK to take advantage of lower costs, better customer service and potentially greater legal advantages. Some of the advantages of hosting in the UK will be discussed briefly in the following text.

Lower Price Potential
Hosting companies in the UK are not the most affordable in the world, but they may be lower than other locations. Companies seeking services in the UK should perform a price comparison to determine if UK hosting is the best alternative for their company. Companies also save money if they have a customer service issue, because they do not have to call long distance to resolve local issues. Local companies may be able to respond faster than an International company. These companies may also save by paying in local currency instead of bothering with currency conversion.

Legal Advantages
When a website is hosted in the UK, there may be certain tax privileges that a company may benefit from. Consult an attorney to determine all of the local laws that may affect hosting in the UK. Consider how your company may be affected by hosting a website in the UK.

Better Customer Service
Many UK web hosts offer exceptional customer service. Many companies seek excellent customer service when selecting a web hosting service. Customer service should be available 24 hours per day and seven days per week to address issues immediately. The company will avoid losses if they get their problem resolved in the quickest time possible. Issues that arise are not on a schedule. The web hosting company cannot be on a schedule either. Issues must be addressed in real time as they occur.

International and Global Approach
If your business is international, you may want to have your site hosted in a country that understands international business and global concerns. Companies that have a grasp on international business concerns will help your business graduate to the next level in terms of professionalism. The tips the web hosting service may be valuable.

If you have a UK audience, selecting web hosting in the UK is preferable to hosting in another country. The hosting company can ensure that people that visit your site will be recommended to other sites that complement your site. Security issues may be better if the web hosting company understand the types of security breaches that are common in the primary audience of the website. Encryption may be tailored to their UK audience and can prevent breaches before they occur.

Free web hosts often force advertisements on your website. If the website is hosted in the country where the primary audience is located, then the advertisements will be more relevant to your audience. Advertising is how web hosting companies make money when they offer their services for free.

Other Concerns of Web Hosting Unrelated to Location
Companies should consider a web hosting company that has unlimited bandwidth. As the website traffic increases, the company does not have to worry about increasing bandwidth. The website hosting company will handle the bandwidth allocation automatically as needed by the company. Companies without a web hosting company will have to ensure that they have enough server space and hardware to handle occasional spikes in website traffic. Businesses that use web hosting companies are only required to pay a monthly fee, and the business will handle the allocation issues.

Hosting in the UK can have its benefits. Businesses should review their options prior to securing a web hosting company in the UK. A thorough review will reveal low cost UK web hosting solutions.

How to Choose UK Hosting

One can choose among shared hosting, VPS hosting or dedicated hosting for the business, but why it is recommended to choose a hosting service which is based in UK. This might seem a bit biased, but there is pure logic behind it.
For starters, UK hosting industry is one of the most mature and established hosting industries in the world. Which means that the servers in UK are technologically advanced and they can offer packages at very competitive rates since competition in a mature industry is always cut throat. And if you target audience is based in UK or around UK, then your website will be accessible faster to these audience if you host within UK than in USA. Also, UK has already made a name in service sector, be it education, public service or banking. Hardly any other country can match the pace with which UK excelled in the service industry. This flawless track record of providing service ensures that UK hosting services will be no different in quality and efficiency.
However, some key elements and steps should be kept in mind while choosing the best UK hosting from all available options.
In order to choose UK hosting, you first have to analyze your business requirements and find a hosting service provider that offers you tailored and customizable solutions. That way you can make sure you are not paying for any luxurious features and are paying for all the essential utilities.

  • These days everyone boasts about virtually unlimited features, however, 99 percent of the time the provision of virtually unlimited bandwidth coupled with virtually unlimited space are mere claims. So one shouldn’t get impressed by claims alone and decisions should be made with some research.


  • While choosing UK hosting, you should make sure you don’t get confused with all the pomp and show that the website might depict. A truly technical and well planned website will only show you relevant information in a very concise and managed way without using larger than life imagery and claims.


  • Be smart and don’t get lured by testimonials and reviews published on web hosting sites. While choosing a UK hosting, you should keep in mind that the environment and industry is very competitive and companies will use every resource and trick to attract customers.


  • During the contract signing phase, try to be thorough and include every possible scenario in the contract. You should include contingency planning, support issues and general scenarios in the contract.


  • Finally, never go blindly for the cheapest UK hosting. Do your background research work properly and make the decision according to your requirements. A cheap hosting may not have better quality of service and that will add cost for you later.

Finally, while making a choice for UK hosting, one should bear in mind that a UK based hosting has many advantages over other web hosting. For example, most search engines rank pages hosted from a ‘.uk’ domain higher than those which are hosted from other domains. This simple preference of UK based sites can do wonders for search engine ranking of your site to people located in and around UK.
It is a known fact that developed countries are technologically more advanced. The level of service along with the level of technological advancement that a UK hosting firm can provide cannot be compared to services being offered by other hosting services.