What Impact Will Cloud Technology Have on Contractors?

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Are you using cloud computing technology? If you’re a contractor, then you certainly ought to be! As an increasing number of businesses look to store files and migrate their services to the cloud, professionals who are well versed in the area could find their skills are increasingly in demand.

Indeed, a study carried out by recruitment firm Mortimer Spinks indicates a substantial proportion of workers in the IT sector believe more companies will look to take on those who have cloud computing skills.

Polling both contractors and those who are employed by a company on a permanent full-time basis, the organisation reports 22 per cent of workers indicate cloud computing will be the most sought-after skill listed in IT job postings over the course of 2013. Other specialisations that are predicted to be highly in demand over the coming months are virtualisation and mobile app development.

These findings are backed up by a study released by Elance last year that showed a significant rise in businesses’ eagerness to improve the security of their cloud operations. According to the US-based organisation, global demand for security engineers rose 448 per cent during the third quarter of 2012, while requests for security analysts were up 326 per cent.

“As businesses both small and large continue to adopt the cloud for a competitive advantage in productivity and collaboration, security is increasingly becoming a must-have for companies seeking peace of mind,” the organisation noted.

However, it isn’t just IT professionals that could be set to benefit from being able to utilise cloud technology in their day-to-day operations, but also engineering and construction contractors.

Although Autodesk has noted the industry has in the past been cautious about adopting cloud technology – usually due to concerns about security and reliability – contractor staff have the most to gain from using it. Pointing to the fact they largely work onsite, the organisation suggests that utilising cloud services enables users to access models and drawings via an electronic device while on a job.

“There is no doubt that construction is the biggest opportunity for the cloud,” states Autodesk senior vice-president of information modelling products Amar Hanspal, adding that “it feels like the right place and the right time” for professionals in the sector to start using the technology.

With this in mind, you could find developing your skills in cloud computing could well put in you a position where you are able to secure more contracts and command higher rates of pay.

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