Why Collocation Hosting Is Important For Businesses

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Of all the modern hosting services which are on offer to enterprises today, collocation might offer the best balance between resilience and control. But what is collocation hosting and why should it be on your radar? Here is an overview of the basic benefits behind this solution.

Limitations Of Tradition
Hosting a complex IT infrastructure in-house can be a burden that is too great to bear for some businesses. It requires time, effort, investment and most importantly space, which is obviously at a premium in most working environments.

You might be able to unload all of your mission-critical apps and data onto a public cloud service, although doing so may not be an option because of concerns over security and a lack of willingness to share server hardware with other users.

As such some businesses have to either stick with a restrictive on-site IT setup that is not fit for purpose, or push their concerns into the background and migrate to the cloud. Thankfully there is a third way in the form of server collocation, which allows you to house hardware which you own in a third party data centre, addressing most of the issues you might have with completely relinquishing control to a remote service provider.

Freedoms Of Collocation
The primary benefit of collocation is one of improved resilience for your server equipment. Rather than having to worry about things like physical security, power outages and bandwidth availability, all of these things will be taken care of by the provider at the remote facility.

Having your data stored at a location which is not in the immediate vicinity of your place of business is also an advantage, since any disasters which befall your offices will not also render your IT hardware out of action.

The second reason that businesses prefer collocation is that they do not lose innate control over the type of hardware which is used in their server setups, nor have to rely on an external provider to organise the types of data, apps and access restrictions which are in place.

Upgrades, alterations and day to day management can be carried out under the guidance of your own staff, with no need to worry about whether or not another client is also piggybacking on the same server that is handling the majority of your workload.

Collocation also offers good opportunities for growth, expansion and scalability. If you need to add more servers then this is easy to achieve based on a schedule you determine.

Cost management will be simpler and you may even be able to save money, particularly in light of the reductions that will be made possible by migrating away from an expensive in-house setup.

Server collocation is not necessarily going to be suitable for every business, but those that do find the benefits appealing and deem adopting to be worthwhile should not be disappointed. Just ensure you choose a provider that can live up to the promises of this type of solution.

Ilena writes news and advice pieces on enterprise technologies such as cloud computing for online outlets. Server collocation is something that she sees as empowering businesses to combine the key advantages of the cloud with the same decision-making capabilities as are available in an on-site setup.

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