Why Google Punish You, if You Use Duplicate Content?

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Did you consider the possibility that you may get punished because you have used duplicate content? This is ridiculous and this thing was invented by people who want to sell their products on the web better.

You must understand, before I proceed, that there is no penalty for using a duplicate content. There would not be any charges and most possibly there will be none for some time. This idea is insulting for the people who own Google.

What Google needs to have from each site.

Google wants the results that are listed to be perfect and most up-to date as possible. If the site is not listed in Google results, this site will lose a lot of traffic. That is why many people start using Yahoo for example or Bing or some others search engines. Good must have popular sites.

Linking a site tells that Google consider this site a popular one, sharing is also one of the things that show popularity. Many people just reduce the content, rewrite it and then post it. All popular sites have copied content of other websites. If Google had to punish all this, there would not be any sites at all and Google will be out of the game. Some sites would be in trouble- CNN or NFL for example. The list is long and if this was true no one would even consider the possibility to use Google.

You need to understand that no one will punish you for a duplicate content. However, there is a something that you need to know, to get punished for duplicate content; you must have used it to cheat search engines and to be manipulative.

Consider not to have any identical content, especially if they are on two pages of your website. That is your bog’s performance many be affected quite enough. Google things about that.

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